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Purl Soho Yarns

For many years, Katherine Heigl’s (and Mom, Nancy’s) go-to destination for yarn and textiles has been Purl Soho. The company began as a tiny brick-and-mortar shop in New York City’s Soho neighborhood, and was always one of Katherine's first stops when she visited the Big Apple.

Today, Purl Soho has been transformed into a thriving online shop, but its original vision remains the same: Give customers the supplies, knowledge and confidence to create beautiful items from the finest fibers.

Purl Soho Learn to Knit Kit
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Purl Soho, founded by sisters and co-owners Joelle Hoverson and Jennifer Hoverson Jahnke, sells only products that they truly love, especially their exclusive brand of hand-knitting yarns. They work tirelessly with partners around the world to create supplies that benefit local communities, respect animals, humans, and the earth, and bring deep satisfaction to your crafting. Purl Soho is passionate about exceptional fibers, relishing the earthiness of fine Highland wool from the Andes, the beauty of linen grown in France, the unparalleled pleasure of 100% Mongolian cashmere, and many more of nature’s amazing fibers. They love the satisfaction of weaving in that last end, but also know that the real joy is in the journey, and that the tools and materials you bring along make all the difference.

At New Lane Road Mercantile, we are thrilled and honored to be Purl Soho’s sole retail partner for their hand-knitting yarns. We know you will love whatever you choose to make with these incredible fibers. You’re sure to find the perfect free and easy-to-understand pattern among the hundreds of projects Purl Soho regularly shares. These patterns are designed by Purl’s amazing in-house designers, as well as super talented designers from the worldwide knitting community. They will set you up for success with tips, tutorials, and the support you need to create something wonderful!

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