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Wrap yourself in warmth and purpose with our exquisite collection of knitwear, showcasing the beauty of unique yarns while ensuring ethical production practices. And, don’t miss the colorful mittens, socks, and hats, handmade with love by Happy Ladies Fair Trade artisans in the Himalayas.

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Dhairya (Patience) Hat
Regular price$26.96 USD
Encouragement Socks Bundle
Regular price$78.86 USD$42.22 USD
Explorer Bundle
Regular price$78.86 USD$69.70 USD
Fireside Bundle
Regular price$75.80 USD$65.88 USD
Fulna (Flourish) Hat
Regular price$26.96 USD
Hamesha (Always) Hat
Regular price$26.96 USD
Heart Socks Bundle
Regular price$78.86 USD$69.70 USD
Majaboot (Strong) Scarf
Regular price$40.70 USD
Nadee (River) Scarf
Regular price$40.70 USD
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