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Mixers and Syrups

Raise your cocktails or mocktails to the pinnacle of flavor with our delicious syrups and herbal tinctures. Our premium syrups are brewed by hand in Oregon, with seasonally selected whole ingredients and natural sweeteners. And our bold and spicy bitters are loaded with organic, functional botanicals that promote gut health while lifting your "spirits" in more ways than one.


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Vanilla Rooibos two-pack
Regular price$28.00 USD
Rose Cordial Syrup two-pack
Regular price$28.00 USD
Mango Habanero Syrup two-pack
Regular price$28.00 USD
Mojito Syrup two-pack
Regular price$28.00 USD
Meyer Lemon Syrup two-pack
Regular price$28.00 USD
Orange Bitters
Regular price$26.50 USD
New Orleans Bitters
Regular price$26.50 USD
Lavender Bitters
Regular price$26.50 USD
The Bitter Bundle
Regular price$106.00 USD$89.00 USD
Classic Bitters Trio
Regular price$79.50 USD$74.50 USD
Classic Bitters Travel Pack
Regular price$33.00 USD
Aromatic Bitters
Regular price$26.50 USD
3 Syrup Sampler Pack, Set of 2
Regular price$30.00 USD
12-Pack Sampler Set by Portland Syrups
Regular price$60.00 USD$50.00 USD
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