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Explore the world of tea, meant to heal you from the inside out. From rare teas grown in the Mt. Everest foothills to the Guangdong Province in southern China, you'll enjoy the journey with every cup. All are garden-picked. All are delicious. Varieties include super rare wild dragon well green tea, silver-tip jasmine blossom tea, organic turmeric chai tea, and more.

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All in One Infuser
Regular price$74.99 USD
Black Tea Bundle
Regular price$65.00 USD
Down Time Tea Essentials
Regular price$39.90 USD$34.90 USD
Evening Unwind Tea
Regular price$79.80 USD$69.95 USD
Explorer Tea Bundle
Regular price$115.00 USD
Green Chamomile Tea
Regular price$20.00 USD
Green Mint Tea
Regular price$20.00 USD
Green Tea Bundle
Regular price$65.00 USD
Herbal Tea Bundle
Regular price$65.00 USD
Indulge Me Tea
Regular price$48.90 USD$44.95 USD
Lavender Chamomile Tea
Regular price$25.00 USD
Masala Chai Tea
Regular price$20.00 USD
Morning Black Tea
Regular price$25.00 USD
Movers & Shakers Tea Collection
Regular price$62.90 USD$59.95 USD
Orange Spice Tea
Regular price$20.00 USD
Rooibos Lavender Tea
Regular price$25.00 USD
Rose Black Tea
Regular price$20.00 USD
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