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Learn to Knit Kit

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Learn to Knit Kit

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Learn to Knit Kit


New York Times Wirecutter picked Purl Soho's Learn To Knit Kit as one of the best fiber craft kits for adults, and it's easy to see why! With super inspiring yarn and confidence-boosting instructions, this kit will catapult you from a what's-a-purl-stitch knitter to a look-at-this-incredible-scarf-I-made knitter! Here's why Purl Soho's Learn To Knit Kit is officially the best.

  • Experience You Can Trust: Purl Soho has been teaching people to knit for more than 20 years, and they've poured every bit of that experience into their Learn To Knit Kit. The yarn is the ultimate choice for a beginner, and the instructions follow a time-tested method of teaching that has created thousands of lifelong knitters!

  • Yarn You'll Love: Typically, a beginner knitter starts with someone's castaway, moth-y old yarn, thinking they'll use nice yarn next time. But, there is no next time, because yucky yarn is no fun, and it turns out, beginners care about what feels good just as much as seasoned knitters do! The kit includes two skeins of Super Soft Merino, a generous single ply of 100% merino wool that is as soft and approachable as you can imagine. It also comes in three dozen amazing colors. Because your first knitting project plants a seed, it's important that it grows in exactly the color that inspires you. From the wild pop of Super Pink to the cool quiet of Oyster Gray, you get to choose what spirit to bring to your learning!

  • Crystal Clear Instructions: Purl Soho holds your hand through each and every step of knitting your first scarf, from winding yarn into a ball to the finishing touches that make you proud of what you've accomplished!

  • 3 Patterns To Choose From: You'll gain enough knowledge to knit any of three scarf patterns (garter, ribbed, or seed stitch... you'll learn what all that means, too!). After all, just because you're a beginner doesn't mean you don't have an opinion about what kind of scarf you want to make!

When you give someone a Learn To Knit Kit, you're giving them so much more... You're unlocking a world of creativity and inspiration, of comfort and joy. Discovering knitting can change someone's life, one stitch at a time. What an amazing gift!

Product Details

Purl Soho's Learn to Knit Kit includes...

  • 2 skeins of Purl Soho's Super Soft Merino, 100% merino wool
  • A pair of US 13 wooden knitting needles (style may be different than pictured)
  • A yarn needle for finishing
  • A Learn to Knit Pattern, which teaches you how to knit and includes patterns for 3 simple scarves (also available separately)


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